Yeast Polypeptide Rejuvenation Lotion

Adding Formosa Element A., Sorghum Vulgare Seed extract, and other ingredients to brighten and make skin healthier.

  • Whitening
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Make skin delicate


Yeast Polypeptide Extract -Rich in tannic acid, vitamins, amino acids and a variety of active ingredients, it makes the pores firm, reduces wrinkles, and effectively anti-aging, helps metabolism increasing, fades the fine lines, enhance the skin brightness.  Furthermore, it can enhance skin protective capability and reduce the external environment harm, so that skin will maintain healthy, vibrant and shiny.

Formosa Element A. – Extracted from Taiwan natural bread tree, it contains flavonoids  to whiten skin and delay aging. Moreover, it is effective to soothe skin and decrease the damages caused by pollution and UV. It’s considered an omnidirectional ingredient with the effect to enhance the skin protection, and make skin beautiful and translucent easily.

Crithmum Maritimum Extract-French national treasure plant. It’s rich in collagen, vitamin A, C, E, K, B2 and minerals that can enhance skin elasticity and luster.It improves dry skin resulting from aging and promotes skin wound healing .

Tremella Fuciformis Polysaccharide Extract – Rich in polysaccharides, natural moisturizing material. It will form a transparent film on the skin, enhancing the skin water retention, so that the skin has a moisturizing, delicate effect.

ALRE- It’s a multi-layer and microcapsule-coated structure composed of hydrogenated lecithin, shea butter, unsaturated fatty acids and other skin cuticle composition. It can increase the skin absorption and transmission. Moreover, it can not only decrease water loss, moisturize skin, but strengthen the skin barrier, increase elasticity and luster.


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