Taiwan Plant Factory Formosa Element A Mask

Skin whitening and enhancing the skin’s ability to protect the environment damage.

  • Essence of Plant Extract
  • Moisture Balance
  • Protect Evolution


Omnibearing Magic Fruit-Artocarpus Altilis Wood

Mutiple biological activities including antioxidant effect, anti-melanoma effect and preventung the skin damage caused by UVB. Applying FORMOSA ELEMENT A.® MASK will make your skin whitening and decrease UV-induced skin damage.

Hyaluronic Acid


Vitamin C

Formosa Element A. ® – From a Artocarpus communis, it has antioxidant, metabolism promotion, photoprotection, anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, reducing spots and whitening, multiple effect to help skin to a healthy status.

Centella Asiatica Extract -Compact and improve sagging skin, making the skin smooth and elastic. Moreover it can facilitate the formation of collagen and fiber. Containing triterpene acids, increases skin elasticity and reduce scarring.

Angelica Archangelica Root Extract – Rich 17 amino acids, vitamins and other ingredients. According to Research studies it has improved skin microcirculation and anti-aging, moistunizing, anti inflammation, and whitening.



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