Fragile Skin Cosmetic Brand Leader | The Specified Brand of Medical Cosmetic Center & Skin Clinic

[Professional with medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics backgrounds]

Sunray’S is a team of professionals with medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other related backgrounds.
We are committed to develop Taiwan’s original natural plants and herbs as a cosmetic for the purpose from ingredients to efficacy.
We have not only a factory but own materials companies and specialized laboratories for product development.
Our products are sold in more than 100 medical cosmetic center and skin clinic in Taiwan.

[A brand designed for sensitive skin]

Stability and microbe test. Also, we ensure the sources of herbs and the
manufacture process of extracts.
Adhere to 7 principle to be more skin-friendly. (hypoallergenic, No series of
paraben preservatives, No series formaldehyde, No aldehyde derivatives, No
colorant, No fragrance, No triethanolamine)
Use environment-friendly package (including bottles, labels, catalogs), and select
the correct package with the concern of product properties.

  • Taiwan No.1- Applications materials patents (Formosa Element A.®)for endemic species of Taiwan (Artocarpus Altilis).
  • Ministry of Science and Technology Research project-Functional materials development of Cymbidium faberi.
  • Long associated industry-university cooperation with the Taiwan medical and cosmetic University.
  • Cultural exchanges and cooperation to develop Matsu special skin care products with Lienchiang County Government.
  • 2017 ‘Body’ magazine to choose through public appraisal of cosmetic.
  • 2017 Monde Selection International Quality Institute skin care products nomination.